My name is TSgt Timothy J Adams.

I served with MSgt (Ret) Ken Zeno for roughly four years. In that time, I forged a strong bond with him not only as my flight chief, but as a Mentor and friend. I learned a great deal on leadership and followership during our time together. We served a nearly seven month tour of Afghanistan together. During that deployment, I was dealing with a great deal of personal problems and I was always able to seek guidance from him. If nothing else he got me out of my own head and provided humor. He always pushed me to be a better, stronger person and NCO both physically and mentally. He taught me how to lead my airmen and always achieve the mission goal. He truly was one of the greatest mentors of my career. He has always shown me a great deal of respect and caring on a personal level.

I remember that he bought and had a flag flown in an F-15E during Operation Enduring Freedom for every single member of our flight. With those flags came a certificate and a word of thanks from him. I will never forget that.

Going back to the personal issues I was dealing with, he made contact with my mom who was worried about me with the stresses of being in a combat zone and dealing with issues back home and put her mind at ease knowing he was going to ensure I was taken care of.

There are people you meet in your career that fade away as time passes and then there are people like Ken Zeno, a man I will never forget, a man that has helped me through difficult times and a man that I am proud to call my brother.

Very Respectfully,

Timothy J Adams, TSgt, USAF
355 FW Flight Safety NCO
Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ 85707

I just wanted to say a few words about my step father. He is a man with true conviction.
Over a year ago I was going through some rough times and reached out to him. He told me to come and stay with him and my mom for as long as it takes to get myself back on the right track. I then moved into his house along with my dog. He has never once asked me for anything or asked for any money to help with the household finances.
When one of my brothers from the army passed away he went directly to the bank and gave me 500 dollars to help in my expenses to get to the funeral because it was all the way across the country. He cared for my dog and never said anything negative about it.
I know what kind of man he is and wanted to share a story about how he has already helped a veteran in need. I do not know too many step fathers that would accommodate a person as much as he has.

Todd King, US Army
OIF veteran.

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