Chapter One

Wagon Train

“I cannot believe the type of shit that we have been through on this trip.” Said Jed as the snow fell harder and harder.

The snow had really started to pile up on the wagon train and it was getting harder for the horses and the covered wagons to make it through. The trip started as a typical wagon train to the west as word of the gold rush started to spread eastward. This train started from the city of Philadelphia and started west toward the hills of California. It was a pretty good sized wagon train, which might have saved a lot of lives, but there were a good many casualties so far. None of the deaths proved to be more deadly than the wagon train leader, Fess Carlson. Fess was an experienced leader that took numerous wagon trains cross country. He was well known for all of his endeavors and always completing the mission at hand. Unfortunately, all of the trips he had done put a major toll on ol’ Fess and the hard mountain winter on this trip took his life.

“Having Fess die half way across the country really put the icing on the cake.” Said the gentleman sitting next to Jed looking up into the night sky. “I am glad that we still have some matches to light a warming fire for ourselves. Looking off in the distance it looks like we could be stuck in these mountains for a long while.” This gentleman’s name was Mathew.

Jed looked over all the faces of the people in his wagon train that is crowding around the fire trying to remain warm and calm, put his hands over his face and started to uncontrollably sob. He tried to muffle the sound but everybody heard it anyway.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” is all that he could muster out of his mouth as he shook his head.

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2 Responses to “Chapter One”

  • Patrick Genseal says:

    Didn’t see the ending coming!!! Good read!
    The language and sex may be too much for some but story had a good moral to it.

    It was good. Couldn’t put it down until the end!

    Patrick “Skypilot” Genseal
    Skypilot Gunsmithing, LLC

  • Dillon Langdon says:

    I really found the book enjoyable. Sucked me in and I couldn’t stop reading it.

    Dillon Langdon

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