There is no good reason for this to happen.

There is no good reason for this to happen.

With our charity this is the type of situation we are trying to change.

I hope you enjoy this book. I enjoyed writing it. I pitched my idea for this book to two or three different people and they said it sounded good.

This is my first attempt at this type of thing so please don’t be too critical of it. I am just a retired Air Force jet engine mechanic.

This book is hopefully going to do pretty well for two reasons.

The first reason is obvious but the second reason is good. I am going to donate a percent of the earnings for this book to start a charity for veterans in financial hardship. When I retired I went through a lot of tough financial times.

I couldn’t find a job in this area and there is no type of organization that could help me. I lost a good majority of my income and due to the current situations that happened at a bad time and I had no savings left. I am not going to go into too much detail but it got bad. I know there are others that recently got out of the military that have the same thing happen. I hope to be able to start this charity for this reason so that no other veteran has to go through the same thing as I had to.

With the help of my former war buddy I think we can accomplish this mission.

Thank you,

Kenneth G. Zeno Jr.
MSgt Ret. USAF

Jeremy Harper
OEF Veteran, USAF
Two Veterans with a cause

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